Prog #105: Let’s Mould That Face Into a Nice Grin! (The Day the Law Died, part 17)

Case File

Walter convinces Cal that he’s turned against the “howwible” Judge Dredd, and goes on TV to destroy Dredd’s reputation with the citizens. It’s all a ruse of course to access the crime report tapes that must be controlling the Judges.

243614-19752-118559-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

No Dredd in this issue, but he’s strikingly represented through newspapers trashing his reputation – and at least some of the citizens falling for it.

Friends of Dredd

Walter is once again clever and resourceful, convincing Cal he’s turned on Dredd and then pushing down his own horror and convincingly saying Dredd was a corrupt Judge who murdered old Chief Judge Goodman. In a bizarre, twisted way Walter’s dream comes true here as Cal makes him a Judge!

He makes his way to the Crime Briefing Room to nab an incriminating tape, but is nabbed himself by Judge Slocum. This turn of events turns out far worse for Slocum than Walter…

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

TV shows and newspapers are still in operation, but are presumably only running the Judge Cal is Awesome line. We only get a very small point of view here, but it seems like the citizens might be prepared to buy that Dredd was the bad guy.


Cal is pretty easily convinced that Walter has turned (we assume), and wastes no time using him to destroy Dredd’s standing with the citizens. When Slocum makes the mistake of calling Cal crazy for making Walter a Judge, Cal takes a gleeful pleasure in exacting punishment on his right-hand man.

Holy Grud!

Judge Slocum’s death is just… not nice. That’s going to stay with me for a little while.


Can’t avoid it any longer. Claiming that he wants to get rid of Slocum’s “worry lines”, Cal has a doctor from a Nazi B-Movie inject Slocum with a paralysing agent, then gets some Kleggs to dump him, upright, in a large clear vat of vinegar. As a specimen. He’s alive when this happens. Yikes.


This one definitely ticked up a fair bit from the last run. It’s effective to have Dredd missing as Walter takes the lead as an undercover agent. Cal’s “revenge” on Slocum is truly horrific, and effectively raises the fear of Cal which hasn’t been done effectively up to now.

As I said earlier – if Walter saves the day, which is seriously starting to look likely, I expect a grovelling thanks from Dredd!


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