Prog #104: It Gettin’ Heavy Time! (The Day the Law Died, part 16)

Case File

Dredd and Fergee rescue Walter the Robot from the clutches of the Kleggs, and Dredd comes up with a plan to use Walter to defeat Cal.

Ol’ Stoney Face

So Dredd doesn’t seem very happy to see his old pal Walter again, but neither does he immediately horribly insult him. So, an improvement I guess?

Friends of Dredd

Walter is of course ecstatic to see his master again, but I don’t know if he and Fergee will have much of a friendship. Dredd has a plan for Walter to infiltrate Cal’s forces by “betraying” Dredd – this plan doesn’t seem to be going so well by the end of this episode with Walter facing an axe-weilding Cal.

Fergee gets cranky with Walter for spraying the flies that accompany the big brute everywhere. He enjoys smacking Kleggs around though.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Cal seems pretty sure that news of Dredd’s return will give the people hope – and it seems pretty clear that many of them saw him take out the Judges with the pat-wagon.

The Alien Zoo

Despite their size and teeth,the Kleggs in Dredd’s apartment don’t last long against Dredd and Fergee.

The Law

After Walter “reports” Dredd in to Justice HQ, a squad of Judges is sent out to get him. They don’t do very well, taken out by a pat-wagon after Dredd and Fergee jump clear of the large moving vehicle.

One of the Judges has a lovely dress on – has Quincy been allowed some clothes?


Cal seems to be a much happier tyrant here after a few episodes away. He appears to have completely subjugated the population, but his good mood vanishes when he realises Dredd is still alive. With Dredd’s robot servant in front of him, he asks for an axe to at least get revenge on Dredd through smashing Walter.


I have to assume that a few of the Judges are actually killed by the enormous pat wagon.


A pretty simple continuation of last week’s story, with some up and down art from newcomer (I think?) Ron Smith. Some of his interpretations of Dredd are a bit off for me, but the action scenes are great and I particularly like the large panel of Dredd’s pat-wagon being pursued by Judges while citizens watch on.


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