Prog #103: Ask a Stupid Question! (The Day the Law Died, part 15)

Case File

Dredd and Fergee take out a few Judges, before heading back to Dredd’s place – where Walter is being forced to flat-share with some Kleggs.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Seems happy enough to work with Fergee, even appointing him an “Honourary Judge” for his help. Given we don’t know exactly what the “bad things” he did before going underground where, that may be a tad premature…

Friends of Dredd

Fergee is doing well on Team Dredd, helping him take out a few Judges and then gleefully embarking on a rescue mission for Walter. His IQ is confirmed here as probably just barely making double-digits – he attempts to take down an impenetrable wall with his head.

It’s the return of Walter, who’s forced to play house for a bunch of Kleggs. They are of course pretty mean to old Walter, trying to get him to say bad things about Dredd. Loyal Walter suffers rather than do so. Be nice to him, Dredd!

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The citizens of Mega-City One are protesting Cal’s rule mainly by defacing his posters at the moment.

The Alien Zoo

It seems that the Kleggs are being “billeted” across the City, including Dredd’s apartment. Unsurprisingly, they don’t seem like terribly fun houseguests.

The Law

We get out first good look at a Pat-Wagon here, although it was technically introduced right at the end of the last issue. It’s large, armoured and appears to have mounted weaponry.

Dredd and Fergee are forced to incapacitate a couple of Judges.


This felt like a slight improvement, as it seems like we’re heading towards a specific endgame now. Fergee kind of works I guess, and it is fun to see him become an “honorary Judge”.

I swear if Walter saves the day (again) and then Dredd just goes back to being horrible to him, I’m going to go crazy.


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