Prog #102: King of the Big Smelly! (The Day the Law Died, part 14)

Case File

Dredd makes pals with “King” Fergee of the undercity, and works out the reason that Cal was able to get all the Judges on his side. He and Fergee head back topside to fight back.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd makes the strategic case that Fergee will be a useful ally, despite his “quirks”. He also makes the initial connection that the Judges seemed almost “hypnotised” in their support of Cal. He then decides to make a solo strike (with support from Fergee) on Justice HQ to turn their loyalties away from the tyrant.

Friends of Dredd

Judge Giant works out that Cal must have used the Daily Crime Briefings to influence the Judges, leaving the Academy tutors, Dredd (who was in the Cursed Earth) and Giant (who was conveniently on leave) unaffected.

Fergee reinforces his reputation as a tough, lumbering (yet fairly placid) giant. He used to live in the Big Meg apparently, before being driven underground after doing a few “bad things”. He has a bad reputation among the denizens of the underground, allowing him to proclaim himself “King” – even fashioning himself a throne out of an old toilet (get it?). He’s happy enough to come along with Dredd back to the City.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

There are definitely mutants living under the city. And lots of rats.

The Law

All the Judges are given a Daily Crime Briefing, which is programmed directly by the head of the SJS (Cal) into the brains of the Judges. This is apparently the vehicle Cal uses to ensure the loyalty of the Judges after he takes over.


This episode does a good job of sensibly laying out why the Judges have all loyally followed Cal, although it’s a shame that it had to happen using information about the Justice system we’ve never heard (or even hinted at) before. It’s also not great that it’s once again arrived at out of nowhere.

Otherwise, more small plot movements but not a lot of fun to be had here. I don’t really find Fergee either amusing or enjoyable at the moment, although that could change.


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