Prog #101: He’s Too Stupid To Play Tricks! (The Day the Law Died, part 13)

Case File

Cal decides to make a must-see TV event chronicling his rise to power to win over the masses. Dredd battles the enormous Fergee and makes a new ally.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd makes a new friend here – after knocking Fergee into the Big Smelly. He then decides to find a new base of operations to strike out from.

Friends of Dredd

The dramatic Judge Schmaltz dies, appropriately pretty dramatically.

He’s replaced by Fergee, who respects Dredd after being dunked in the Ohio River. Fergee is apparently as stupid as he seems, but has a place to stay and will at least be some muscle for the very small resistance army.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Some version of TV shows and actors are still a thing, as we meet Conred Conn – the great Vid-Pic star! He’s apparently the most handsome actor out there, so is of course Cal’s first pic to play himself. Conn initially declines the role due to this retirement, but Judge Grampus (and his large knife) prove very persuasive.

The Law

Still under the impression Dredd is gone, Slocum appears to not be doing anything with the doubts he had a few progs back. He genuinely seems to think there’s no hope without Dredd.


Cal is still trying to win over the populace, and decides this time to tell his version of how he’s “saved” the city. This includes casting Dredd of course, with his final selection being a little smaller than the real thing.


It’s farewell Judge Schmaltz here, as he dies from the wounds inflicted during the crash through City Bottom. He gets a Viking-style send-off as he’s put in what’s left of the Road Liner which is then set on fire and sent to the bottom of the Ohio River.


The Dredd auditions are amusing, and the idea of a TV event with Cal should be fun. We have a bizarre new character apparently on Team Dredd, but otherwise another pretty light episode. I will admit, I am now amusing myself by given Fergee the voice of Eccles from the Goon Show.


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