Site Update: Christmas/New Year Break (and some Special Posts)


We’re now 100 progs in – kudos to anyone who’s been keeping up! It’s been a lot of fun.

I just wanted to write a quick post on the schedule for the next month or so. I’ll be taking a break over Christmas and New Year after the last part of “The Day the Law Died!” which will be out on December 14. Writing every day, in the midst of family and work life, is lots of fun but a bit draining! I’m aiming to take roughly a month off, so should be back in mid-January.

But I’ve prepared a few posts to keep that gap a bit shorter! As I discuss in the Introduction to this blog, for clarity’s sake I’m simply following the Judge Dredd Case Files released by Rebellion. As well as publishing every issue from 2000AD however, Rebellion have also been releasing The Restricted Files, which collects issues from various annuals, specials and other publications.

I was lucky enough to lay my hands on Volume 1 earlier in the year, and as we’re entering a holiday period, I thought it might be fun to do some posts on some of those issues. I’ve had a quick scour of some of the fantastic guides to Dredd and 2000AD online (specific shoutouts to and ComicVine) and have hopefully correctly worked out that by the publication of the finale of “The Day the Law Died!” in Prog #108, 6 extra Judge Dredd releases had also been put out seperate to the 2000AD Magazine.

So, the schedule for the 6 extras are below. Hope people enjoy them, and Merry Christmas Lawbreakers!

15 Dec – The Judge’s Graveyard
16 Dec – Videophones
17 Dec – Whitey’s Brother
18 Dec – The Purple People Breeder
19 Dec – Dr. Panic
20 Dec – Ryan’s Revenge


4 thoughts on “Site Update: Christmas/New Year Break (and some Special Posts)

  1. Merry Christmas Liam! I am very much enjoying your blog and hope you find the time and energy to resume in the new year. You are not the first person to attempt this formiddable task but you may have already gone the furthest.
    The early holiday special/annual strips are particularly poor for a reason. In the early days of 2000ad, Dredd was ‘farmed out’ to various writers to see how they could develop the strip and some of the results were deemed not good enough for 2000ad weekly. However, IPC (the then owner of 2000ad) had a policy of always using everything that had been paid for and so the specials got the rejected strips. This situation changed in the early 80’s when some budget was put aside for these specials and things improved somewhat. Look out for Pinboing Wizard, Compulsary Purchase and the Fear That Made Milwaukee.


    • Hi Michael – thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I’m definitely planning on being back, and hopefully a break will recharge the batteries for another 100!

      I planned to do some of the Annuals and Specials for quite some time so I actually wrote the entires for those ones over the last couple of months (to give myself a bit of a longer break around Christmas time). So no spoilers for those entries but… yeah, they are something!


  2. Yeah just to echo what Michael said fantastic job and your daily dose of Dredd is a daily treat for me. As I’ve said before (I hope here?) I love hearing about the thoughts of people new(ish) to the strip and the greater world of 2000ad as a whole.

    Finding your thoughts on The Day the Law Died fascinating. I personally agree(ish), its not a patch on Cursed Earth, but I’ve never quite been able to articulate why and you might have nailed it. Strangely even though it has a fair tighter story, as opposed to Cursed Earth’s short stories with an over arching plot, it feels as though its got a looser structure, just event pilled onto event without any real plan. Fitting for the chaotic villian of Cal but a little draining and lacking for the reader.

    That said I know many disagree and much prefer this to Cursed Earth… damned fools!

    Anyway looking forward to your thoughts on the Specials etc, they really are … something. Hope you can find the time and energy to pick it up in the New Year. I’ll be here if you do.


    • Hi Colin – really appreciate the feedback, thanks!

      I agree, it’s hard to work out exactly what’s specifically wrong with The Day the Law Died as the individual pieces are so great.

      Hope you enjoy my take on the Specials!


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