Prog #100: Happiness is Illegal! (The Day the Law Died, part 12)

Case File

Furious over the City’s mourning of Dredd, Cal makes happiness (and anything that causes it) illegal. But Dredd has survived his fall through the bottom of the City – and finds (another) underground bunch of crazies.

Ol’ Stoney Face

We don’t really get a moment where Dredd gets to the mourn the other Judges he’s lost here, but we can assume that he’s none too happy about it. Once again Dredd is down and out and searching for the next step. When attacked by the large Ferg, he specifically states that he’s not going down to Cal’s level by just shooting him.

Friends of Dredd

Dredd’s down to a skeleton army now – just Judges Giant, Griffin, Pepper, Kelso and an injured Schmaltz.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

We get yet another underground bunch of people under the Big Meg, this time alongside the old Ohio River, to add to the Troggies.

The Law

Cal makes happiness illegal here – including all possessions, laughter or anything else that might lead to happiness. Fires are set throughout the City, and the citzens are expected to chuck all the things that make them happy onto the flames.


Call is still crazy and makes a crazy new law (yeah I’m having trouble adding much to this section).

In what we’d have to file under possible creep, we meet Ferg here. Ferg lives under “City Bottom” and appears to be a pretty stupid giant of a guy, mostly dangerous due to his size and lack of self-control. Dredd is ready for a duel at the end of this episode – but given that Ferg had just whacked himself in the face with a club to get a fly, I’m not too stressed about Dredd’s chances.


Cal states that he’s killed “several million” citizens already. The Judges in the back half of Dredd’s Road Liner add to the toll.


With yesterday’s rant out of the way, it’s back to a normal quick review! We get yet another insane Cal decree – which aren’t really working dramatically anymore since he’s already sentenced them all to death. Bit hard to go up from there.

Dredd survives (of course!) in a bit of a cheat, but I like that it still costs him. He’s down to only a few allies now. The underground “half-humes” are at this stage nothing we haven’t seen before.

All in all, another average one for me unfortunately.


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