Prog #98: So Delightfully Murderous! (The Day the Law Died, part 10)

Case File

Dredd’s forces are cornered, but manage a last-minute escape. But this desperate flight may be short-lived as they try to evade Cal’s army of Judges.

243613-19752-118557-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd has the physical endurance and iron will required to fire his gun while his arm is being swallowed by an alien monster. I would not want to play board games with this guy.

He pragmatically accepts Judge Fernandez’s self-sacrifice, seeing it as part of wearing the uniform.

Friends of Dredd

We get yet more casualties for Team Dredd here. We’re introduced to Judge Kelso, who apparently teaches maths at the Academy and is basically teased by the other Judges for being a big nerd.

The revolutionaries somehow managed to get access to an extremely convenient “Road Liner” – kind of like a small train on road wheels – to escape the Klegg onslaught.

The Law

Cal has access to about 200 hover ships, small flying devices that work as both surveillance and firepower. Cal has one of his very own, called Justice 1. He uses this flagship to track down Dredd’s Road Liner and blast the road out before him, sending them plummeting to their inevitable (check back next week!) deaths far below.

The Alien Zoo

Kind of like our old pal Call-Me-Kenneth and his robot army, the Kleggs like to do some rhyming singing and dancing while going about their murderous rampages. “Slicey, slicey, oncey, twicey, claw and fang’ll kill Dredd nicely!”


Judge Cal is really impressed with the Kleggs – to the extent that he almost wishes he had been born one.

Judge Slocum does some quality henchman sucking up and says that Cal is way too pretty to be a Klegg.


Judge Fernandez does double duty here as both the latest of Dredd’s allies to fall in battle, and the latest appalling cultural stereotype in the series.


I’m finding it harder to stop repeating myself here – much like this series itself. Again, it is enjoyable enough on its own, but the momentum feels very stop-start. The Cursed Earth succeeded by basically telling a new story every 2 episodes. Trying to tell one story over 20 parts is much more difficult, so while I applaud the attempt my interest is waning slightly.


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