Prog #95: A Tyrant’s Tyrant! (The Day the Law Died, part 7)

Case File

The execution of Mega-City One begins – one citizen at a time. Dredd manages to use Judge Slocum to play on Cal’s superstitious streak, leading to a temporary victory, but also leading Cal to make the City suffer.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd displays some good strategic thinking here, playing on Cal’s superstitious nature. Although, I have to wonder if we’ve really seen Cal as superstitious up to now. Insane, yes. Cal must have been around for a while though so Dredd may be using knowledge prior to Cal’s ascension to Chief Judge.

Dredd plays on his reputation again, this time with Judge Slocum. Slocum doesn’t seem to need that much convincing though – again, it’s really unclear why the Judges are following Cal at all.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

It’s another dark day for the Big Meg as a bunch of citizens starting with ‘A’ are executed. Poor Eric Plunket made a really bad decision to change his name to Aaron A. Aardvark.

Mega-City One has a vid-phone book.

The Law

The post of Deputy Chief Judge is once again vacant as Judge Fish is presumably killed by Judge Slocum. As with everything else in the City, this precipitates a full parade.


Cal is really embracing his role as the despotic overlord of the MC-1, describing himself as “the tyrant’s tyrant”. He is genuinely devastated when Judge Fish dies, and is apparently superstitious enough that once Slocum links this to the executions he stops them immediately. His “generosity” doesn’t last too long when the mourning parade is very, very poorly attended.

Judge Slocum is briefly kidnapped by Dredd and Co. before being given his orders to stop the executions. Slocum does this with only an unconvincing threat that Dredd will find him if he doesn’t – not really enough for Slocum to go through with it if he really doesn’t want to, given Dredd is on the run with a tiny force of wounded Judges and Slocum could have the whole of Justice HQ on his side.


An unknown number of citizens are killed before Cal stops the executions. Judge Fish is no more.


While I’m still enjoying the individual beats of this story, it’s starting to feel a little aimless. I’m really unsure how this is meant to play out for another 13 episodes. We “solve” the problem of the executions, but then another insane plan is put into place. I don’t want to sound too harsh as I am still having fun, but I’m hoping the plot takes a significant turn soon.


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