Prog #94: It’s Raining Monsters! (The Day the Law Died, part 6)

Case File

Dredd’s rebellion is on the verge of succeeding – but Cal calls down the Kleggs, a vicious race of alien mercenaries.

490504-66979_20061017151401_largeOl’ Stoney Face

Even leading a revolution, Dredd has no time for lawbreaking, taking the time to ensure that a couple of looters go back to their home and arrest themselves. He makes the specific point that they are fighting for law and order, not against it.

Dredd isn’t happy at all with having to retreat so close to a potential victory, but is smart enough to know they can’t take on the Kleggs.

Friends of Dredd

A number of Dredd’s forces are taken out in the two-day resistance battles. It’s clear that he’s going to need a lot more friends to take on Cal now.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The citizens fight for two days after being called up by Dredd, and do a good job under his leadership. Apparently a lot of the City is trashed in these battles. They are at the doors of the Hall of Justice itself before the Kleggs turn the tide against them. They face orderly queues for execution for defying Judge Cal.

The Alien Zoo

Enter the Kleggs! Large and powerful with the heads and ferocious snouts of crocodiles, they are alien mercenaries who work for meat. Cal has apparently had them in orbit for some time as a back-up plan.

The Law

We once again get Dredd and his colleagues questioning the hold Cal has over the Judges. It seems likely at this point that there is actually some kind of power or force that has been (or is still being) used, as they are making a big point of stressing how Dredd and his Judges were not in Justice HQ when Cal took over.

It turns out Cal’s city-wide death sentence last episode wasn’t a throwaway line. He now expects the citizens to calmly (and alphabetically) head to execution booths.


Despite being a complete basket case, it’s now very clear that Cal has been planning this coup for long enough to have contacted and hired alien mercenaries to wait in orbit on the off chance he’ll need them. He seems prepared to just feed citizens to the Kleggs, but is persuaded by a lackey that this will inevitably end with the meat-hungry monsters turning on them.


A nice twist that pushes out the story – given we’re only 6 episodes into a 20-part arc I can assume there’ll be a few of these reversals. We don’t get a lot from the Kleggs here but they are already very distinctive and fun. Their introduction, dropping from the sky and blotting out the sun, is really effective.


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