Prog #93: I Prefer You On Your Knees! (The Day the Law Died, part 5)

Case File

Dredd turns to the citizens of Mega-City One to rise up against Judge Cal, leading to desparate fighting in the streets.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd broadcasts directly to the people, and asks them to take to the streets to resist Cal and his forces. This is a much bigger call than it appears – he’s not only essentially fighting the Law, he’s definitely calling for actions that will result in the deaths of citizens and Judges. This can’t sit that well with him.

It’s interesting that Dredd directly uses his “celebrity” here, telling the citizens that they know what he stands for.

Friends of Dredd

Griffin and the other Academy tutors seem glad to be out from behind a tutoring desk and in the mix of some real action.

Giant considers that the current situation is worse than the Robot Rebellion – he would have been a cadet at that time, so I guess either watched from the sidelines or cadets at the time were pressed into service given how bad things got.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Despite the threat of Cal’s forces, the citizens of MC-1 listen almost immediately to Dredd and take to the streets – apparently outnumbering Judges 1000-1. Without proper arms that may not be enough though, which Dredd quickly realises.

The Law

Cal appears to be just making up new laws and sentences on a whim here – giving 10 years for littering, then changing that the death when some litterers dare the question their sentence.


Cal is really relaxing into his insanity, holding meetings in the bath and getting really annoyed if people don’t laugh at his jokes. He has a characteristically measured and well-thought-out response to the fermenting rebellion among the citizens – he sentences the entire City to death.


We don’t get any specifics, but we can safely assume some casualties during the many battles we see here.


The action kicks up nicely here, with Dredd having to cross a line in his own code (setting citizens against Judges) to protect his beloved city. I wish that this had been highlighted a little more though – Dredd is almost literally built to serve the Law, but this quandary seems to be very quickly worked out. I would have liked to have seen this decision be far more difficult for him, and maybe play out over more episodes.

The less said about the “people are revolting” joke, the better.


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