Prog #92: I Brain You in the Name of the Law! (The Day the Law Died, part 4)

Case File

The citizens are on the verge of revolt against Cal’s rule, but the insane Chief Judge turns to his loyal Deputy to scare them into submission. Meanwhile, Dredd and his army take the fight to the Judges.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd’s finally back in his Judge’s uniform (quick query – where did he get it from? I doubt he quickly dropped back to his apartment to pick it up!). He’s still concerned his army of ex-Judges might not be up to the task of taking on Cal’s forces, but decides on a strategy of taking over Broadcast Control so he can speak directly to the people.

Dredd asks his forces to try and avoid killing Judges if possible.

Friends of Dredd

Judges Giant and Griffin are still in full support of Dredd as the leader of this little revolution.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Turns out an insane Chief Judge can only push Mega-City One citizens so far, as they march on Justice Central here in a fairly sizeable numbers. This doesn’t work too well as the Judges are prepared – it doesn’t seem like they kill anyone, but they certainly cop some beatings.

Cal also removes another obstacle, Mayor Grubb. He’s forced to cluck like a chicken and is then taken off to a nice padded cell. The citizens are then given the new law from Deputy Chief Judge Fish – leaving them in a very, very difficult situation.

The Law

Dredd speculates that Cal has some sort of “hold” over the Judges following him, although it seems more likely to be a combination of fear and cowardice.


Cal is less than pleased with the citizens’ refusal to just roll over and accept him as their Emperor, I mean Chief Judge, and comes up with the kind of brilliant plan only a madman could conceive of. He gets Deputy Chief Judge Fish to announce a new law he has created, the penalty for which is death. The citizens have no idea what it is of course, so are terrified to do anything at all.

This raises an interesting point – Cal is presented here as pretending that Judge Fish spoke, which is fairly different from the slim grasp on reality he’s demonstrated so far. I would have assumed that he actually did hear a new law from Fish. Is he not as insane as he seems? Or is he pretending to pretend? My head hurts.

Holy Grud!

Cal getting his Chief Deputy Judge – a goldfish – to announce a new law on live television, with the sentence being death, is a moment of insane genius.

Rap Sheet

Mayor Grubb is taken away for chicken-impersonation.


Hard to tell exactly here – it seems like the Judges gas and then beat the rioters, but possibly don’t kill any. Dredd’s forces seem to kill two Judges guarding Broadcast Control.


Another “moving the pieces into place” episode, but it’s good to see Dredd start taking action after a rough few progs for him! There’s also the fantastic moment with Judge Fish, and some good artwork from newcomer (I think?) Brett Ewins.


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