Prog #91: Making a Mockery of the Law! (The Day the Law Died, part 3)

Case File

Dredd and Giant make their escape from Justice Central, and meet up with a resistance band of Judges.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is still not feeling very well here, and is once again having to stagger round without a shirt and with his head covered in bandages. It’s actually a little unsettling to see Dredd in this position as he is so identified with his Judge’s uniform.

He’s not convinced by the strength of his newfound band of resistance, but will still be taking the fight to Cal.

Friends of Dredd

Judge Giant is still being written like an appalling stereotype (I really hope that gets better soon), but demonstrates great initiative as he gets Dredd away from Justice Central and meets up with the Judges who have refused to follow Cal.

This includes Judge Griffin from the Academy of Law, and a bunch of the tutors from that institution. Tutors at the Academy are sent there if they are injured and can’t do street-work anymore, which makes them a bit of a ragtag army.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

A large reward is put out for Dredd’s capture, which leads the citizens of Mega-City One to engage in a wide range of nefarious cons on the Judges to try and claim the prize – including a disturbing number of young children.

The Law

It’s clear that this is going to end in Judges fighting Judges in a large-scale way, and we get the first taste of that here with Giant and Dredd’s escape from Justice Central. It’s still really unclear why the Judges are following Cal at all given his clear and obvious insanity. It’s possible that the Special Judicial Squad may have something to do with that…


We’re introduced to Judge Slocum here, who appears to be the head of the SJS. He gets a charming skull icon on his helmet. He’s an interesting character, who is clearly scared of Cal but acknowledges that he’s obviously not right in the head. He actively lies to Cal, pretending that Deputy Chief Judge Fish ordered a light punishment to two Judges rather than allow Cal to execute them.

Judge Quincy is still having to roam around in his boxers.


This is the first episode in a while that has felt a little uneventful – although given we went straight from the Cursed Earth into this plot that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This one just moves a couple of pieces around as we introduce a new sidekick for Cal and find a resistance movement for Dredd to fight back with. A solid but unmemorable instalment.


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