Prog #89: Your Clothes Or Your Life! (The Day the Law Died, part 1)

Case File

Chief Judge Goodman is murdered by a knife-wielding gang. Dredd quickly discovers that Deputy Chief Judge Cal’s Special Judicial Squad is behind it, but before he can do anything about it he falls victim to an assassin’s bullet. Cal is installed as the new Chief Judge.

329705-19752-125260-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd is with Chief Goodman in his final moments, and is put on the track of a conspiracy within Justice Central. His suspicions of Cal and the SJS were already in place before he gets the button-shaped proof.

He doesn’t get a chance to act on his suspicions before being hit by a sniper’s bullet in an insanely dramatic full-page spread where apparently “a billion brain cells scream the awful truth!”

Friends of Dredd

Walter’s a bit upset by Goodman’s death, but more upset that Dredd spills his lunch on his way out. This tragedy is then put into perspective when Dredd is shot outside his apartment.

The Law

Clarence Goodman was Chief Judge for 43 years, was “beloved” by the citizens and good with small children. So, naturally, he’s brutally murdered. He was an old-timer, but was going to a “Rejuvenation Clinic” for monthly treatments. Even in his final moments of life, he’s able to provide Dredd with a vital clue.

So long, Clarence, we hardly new ye.


Goodman is assassinated by goons from the SJS, led by Judge Quincy, on the orders of now-Chief Judge Cal (who has a snazzy new haircut, just to really play into the insane Roman Emperor shtick). Quincy is fairly stupid about this, apparently wearing his large SJS badge under his disguise as a street thug. This is naturally passed on to Dredd by Goodman.

Cal is by now clearly entirely insane, forcing Quincy to undress after discovering his lax attitudes to buttons.


It’s farewell Chief Judge Goodman, and Dredd’s life hangs in the balance.


The next “mega-epic” begins, and you certainly can’t fault this for getting started with a bang. Chief Judge murdered on Page 1, Dredd shot and Cal installed as Chief Judge by the end of the prog.

This is all plot and action, so there’s not really a lot to analyse. The idea of Dredd having to face off against his colleagues within Justice Central is teased nicely here with the SJS, and I’m looking forward to how that plays out.


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