Prog #82: But He Looks and Acts So Dumb! (The Cursed Earth, part 22: Tweak’s Story)

Case File

Tweak finishes telling his story of woe and horror, before making an unsettling prediction about the rest of their journey across the Cursed Earth.

243611-19752-118556-1-2000-a-dFriends of Dredd

The History of Tweak, Part II. Brought to Earth with his family, he continues to pretend to be dumb to protect his people. He is sold to the Ferry-Master we met before, while his family is sold as entertainment for a creepy little girl.

This ends very badly, with his mate and children dying after one of them attacks the little girl. This was sad enough when we learned about it before, it’s still sad now. Tweak kills the man who murdered his family, and we know the rest – Tweak buried his family and remained enslaved until rescued by Dredd and Co.

Tweak states here simply that he trusts Dredd – and isn’t too worried about Spike knowing about how mineral-rich his world is as he will die soon in Death Valley.

Spikes, unaware of Tweak’s prediction, gets Tweak to sign a paper contract that signs over half of his world to the ex-con biker. Spikes is pretty chuffed with this, and considers himself the first Punk Billionaire. In a nice little moment, Tweak signs this meaningless bit of paper after he simply just asks Spikes if it will make him happy.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Caravan of Courage (sorry) is nearing Death Valley and the final stage of their journey.

The Alien Zoo

We see the humans carrying out a variety of stupid tests on aliens to determine their intelligence, such as handing them a weapon to see what they do with it. Yeah – Tweak is the dumb one.

Bizarrely, their tests actually show that Tweak is intelligent – but rather than relying on science they rely on Tweak walking into a wall and eating a book.

We get clear confirmation here that Tweak’s people can predict the future.


This is very much the second half of the last prog, and basically brings us up to speed with Tweak’s story when he first ran into him. We connect it up nicely with the current epic journey in a couple of ways though, with Tweak demonstrating trust in Dredd that the Judge won’t use Tweak’s information to harm his people; and implying that Spikes is not going to survive the final leg of this trip – or possibly that none of them will.

The character of Tweak is an interesting one, and his backstory is now ridiculously tragic. The idea of a wise and intelligent leader treated so badly by humans because he looks like a cute, upright cow basically is brimming with cynicism and black humour and is yet another dark turn for this series.

Overall, a bit exposition-heavy but good set up for the last 3 progs ahead.


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