Prog #76: A Creature Out of Time! (The Cursed Earth, part 16: Black Sabbath)

Case File

It’s the final showdown with Satanus and his dinosaurs as the town of Repentance is torn apart and burned down around everyone.

Friends of Dredd

Judge Jack almost ends up being chomped by Satanus, but is rescued at the last minute by Dredd.

Dredd is then rescued himself by a well-timed Kill-dozer rocket fired by Spikes. The Judge is also then given a hand against a claw-fighter dino by Tweak, who crushes it with his scarily strong claws.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Things don’t go fantastically well for Repentance and its people here, with Satanus and his gang of dinosaurs going on full rampage. This is at the same time that Dredd’s War Droids are burning down everything not being stomped on or eaten by a dinosaur.

After the dust settles, Dredd observes the town is just “a smouldering ruin”. The townsfolk are left to wander the Cursed Earth, with Dredd’s promise that the Law will come down on them if they make any more dodgy deals with dinos.


The showdown with the fearsome Satanus ends up, appropriately enough, on the bell tower that was used to alert him to fresh meals. He’s pretty annoyed by Spikes’ rockets, and proceeds to then try and eat the Kill-dozer that fired them.

He comes undone when he ends up cornered by the War Droids and their flamethrowers – turned up to “white heat”. Dredd thinks he’s done – but Satanus lives to fight another day.

Holy Grud!

Satanus jumping on, and then riding, the Kill-dozer is just fantastic.


No specific numbers, but a good part of the population of Repentance reap the spoils of their Dinosaur Deal here. Bull Cannon ends up with a T-Rex tooth through his head – we can assume he doesn’t last too long in that condition.


A suitably apocalyptic and explosive finale, with – of course – Satanus living to fight another day. This has been a good run, carried by the sense of horror and sheer danger of the dinosaurs along with some energetic artwork.


One thought on “Prog #76: A Creature Out of Time! (The Cursed Earth, part 16: Black Sabbath)

  1. One of my all time favourite stories, not just in Dredd, but in comics. One that firmly shows you don’t have to mess with the Dinosaurs to make them thrilling, they’re as cool as f**k without any tampering!


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