Prog #75: Sacrificed to His Satanic Majesty! (The Cursed Earth, part 15: Picnic at Black Rock)

Case File

Dredd and Spikes manage to barely escape becoming the main course for Satanus, and head back to Repentance determined to end the bizarre arrangement between the town and the dinosaurs.

328982-19752-125211-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd manages to use one of Satanus’s old teeth to cut himself free and escape the beast. He’s determined to rescue Judge Jack, but even more determined to end this town once and for all. Unless it’s a ruse, Dredd is apparently happy to just burn the town to the ground, apparently determining this is the best course of justice.

It’s been interesting to see Dredd’s sense of justice and “right” highlighted during this saga, from his treatment of muties and Tweak, to his determination to do whatever is necessary to end this insanity.

Friends of Dredd

It’s Tweak to the rescue here! He’s like Walter, except Dredd likes him. Tweak’s English lessons seem to be coming along pretty well, but it’s his “armoured-tank-driving” lessons that really pay off. Tweak is outraged by the Claw Fights, and that humans are enjoying them.

Spikes finally finds a good use for his military jewellry, tossing his grenade earring into the gullet of one of the dinosaurs and “blasting it’s rotten brains out”. It’s been in place for a few progs now, but Spikes is now well and truly on Team Dredd. There’s not even the hint here that he’d just try and escape and leave Dredd to his razor-toothed fate.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

As well as their bizarre “sacrifices” to the large dinosaurs at Black Rock, the townsfolk of Repentance also use smaller dinosaurs in “claw fights” – basically just smaller two dinosaurs pitted against each other.

Judge Jack is imprisoned with a bunch of other townspeople, presumably to be fed to the dinos later. With Satanus dragging them all off, Dredd gives the townsfolk 5 minutes to evacuate before he passes judgement on them by setting their town alight.

The Law

The War Robots get a call out again here after lots of inaction, with Dredd ordering them to be armed with flamethrowers and tasked with burning the place down.


Satanus is cheated of his Judge-and-Spikes-snack, and fuelled with hunger and rage heads down to Repentance to collect some takeaway. He seems to be tired of his “arrangement” with the town, and may possibly just be on the rampage now.

The real creeps here are actually the townsfolk, with even Spikes thinking their actions are beyond the pale.


Tweak’s joyride in the Land Raider appears to squish two of the townsfolk.


Just as a pure action-adventure, narrow scrapes, capture and escape, raising the stakes bit of fun this works really well. The danger keeps escalating, and Dredd’s final proclamation that he plans to raze Repentance to the ground is suitably dramatic. As long as you’re not looking for subtlety, this is great stuff.


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