Prog #73: Like Something Out of Hell! (The Cursed Earth, part 13: The Coming of Satanus)

Case File

Dredd and the convoy come across some rogue dinosaurs – and are unaware they are being watched by Satanus, a terrifying dino with a terrifying backstory. Cue flashback!

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The convoy is now close to Repentance, a town in the Cursed Earth. Repentance, Deliverance, sensing a slight theme here.

At some point before the Great Atomic War, the National Dinosaur Park was created using genetically created dinosaurs through cells found in fossils. Sam Neill is nowhere to be found, but this goes fairly predictably. After the Atomic War, it seems the dinosaurs now just roam this area of the Cursed Earth – and are all in fear of “The Dark One”.

The Law

The Land Raider takes a pounding from some stampeding dinosaurs – as Dredd points out, it probably wasn’t a situation the manufacturers were expecting.


This issue is entirely about the Dark One himself – Satanus the Not-Very-Friendly Tyrannosaurus. It’s hard to summarise this without basically just repeating what happens in the comic, but essentially he is brought back from a single cell and appears to remember his previous life many, many millions of years ago.

He is no ordinary Tyrannosaurus, having higher intelligence and the ability to internally monologue it appears. His savagery is kept in check using drugged meat, and he’s put on as an attraction at the (ill-advised) National Dinosaur Park.

This goes exactly as well as could be expected, and after missing one drugged meal he busts out, munches on some tourists and heads into the Cursed Earth. The timeframe is a little unclear here, but at some point after that he spots Dredd’s convoy on the road.

He considers Repentance his “special place” for some reason we don’t yet know, has an intense hatred of humans and a preference for darkness. He has a lot of very, very sharp teeth (probably the most important thing to know).


Satanus and the dinos cause a fair amount of murder and mayhem in the National Dinosaur Park.


A difficult one to review, as it is entirely set up for whatever happens next with Satanus. On its own it’s interesting enough, and it’s fun now to think that this is basically just Jurassic Park set in the future. The artist is clearly having lots of fun drawing dinosaurs.


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