Prog #70: Judge Dredd Has No Favourites! (The Cursed Earth, part 10: Requiem for an Alien)

Case File

Dredd and Co. battle the Slay-Riders, and learn the sad truth about Tweak and his family.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd manages to perform some sort of “sitting leap” out of his bike that is fairly odd, but results in an excellent flying kick so who am I to judge?

Dredd again here reiterates to the ruthless Spikes that he took an oath to uphold justice for everyone, even furry, claw-y death machines like Tweak. He actually appears genuinely moved by Tweak’s plight here, and writes in his diary – sorry, Judge’s Log – that sometimes human beings make him sick.

Friends of Dredd

Tweak becomes a full-fledged member of the convoy here, after Dredd learns about his sad story. His mate and two children were killed by the Ferry-Master and the plantation owners after being brought here from their planet. Tweak buries them and lays rocks on top, food for their journey into the next life according to Dredd. No idea how Dredd actually knows that.

The writing here implies that Tweak “accidentally” controls Dredd’s bike and fires the cannons, but given Dredd’s assessment of Tweak’s intelligence could it be that he knows exactly what he’s doing?

Tweak likes his rocks hard, quartz and granite particularly.


We basically just get more confirmation that the Alien-Catcher General, the Ferry-Master and the plantation owners are horrible, horrible people in this issue. They’re sent packing by the Judges and Spikes, but given the convoy is hitting the road again we can’t say for sure that they won’t be back operating again soon.

Rap Sheet

Dredd captures the Alien-Catcher General in a net, but we don’t find out exactly what happens to him. With no official presence out here, I can’t imagine there’s a cell he can be taken to.


Tweak gets his revenge on the Ferry-Master, squishing his head between his two gigantic claws. Revenge best served crushed.

The second Judge falls here, with Patton killed in the battle with the Slay-Riders. Spikes also says that “most” of the War Robots were smashed.


Some good action, more moral judgements from Dredd, and a sad backstory for the new member of the team. What more could you want?The “evils of Humanity” angle is pretty on the nose, but in context works fine.

Tweak is going to need to be a bit more communicative than saying “Twokk?” every now and again for this to be engaging much longer, but I like the sense of progression of the main story with the additional of new characters and situations.


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