Prog #66: Before They Had the War! (The Cursed Earth, part 6: Dark Autumn)

Case File

The Brotherhood of Darkness are still on the trail of the Judges’ convoy, but help comes from a very unexpected source.

328970-19752-125205-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd has to again be clear with Spikes that innocent people are to be protected – even “muties” like Novar.

Dredd knows a good resource when he sees one, and offers Novar a spot on the convoy.

Friends of Dredd

Given Novar saves the day, let’s elevate him to Friend of Dredd, shall we? He’s a strange cookie – “gifted” by the nature of the Cursed Earth with telekinetic capabilities (at least). And the ability to make trees out of metal. He’s also got six fingers on each hand. He knows he’s different to everyone else, and can freely acknowledge this while staring pensively into the middle distance.

He’s quite child-like, and takes an immediate liking to Dredd – apparently won over by the stern Judge’s sense of justice and right. He defends the Judges against the Brotherhood, and even goes so far as to kill their leader.

Novar turns down Dredd’s offer to come along, apparently to help out others like him in the Cursed Earth.

Spikes is quickly on the anti-Novar bandwagon, and is physically stopped from hurting him by Dredd.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

This is the first indication we get that supernatural mental powers exist in the 22nd Century.

The Law

The Land-Raider is stopped by Novar’s “mental force”.


Not terribly happy with the stuff that went down last issue, the crazy mutie Brotherhood of Darkness are following the vaccine convoy intent on revenge. Morgar is particularly looking forward to dealing with Dredd personally.


The convoy has its first victim here, Judge Gradgrind falling to the Brotherhood attack. Brother Morgar is struck down by Novar’s mind-controlled knife.


The first slight fizzler of the Cursed Earth saga for me, and I think that’s entirely due to how poorly Novar and his mother are characterised and written. I can only imagine their dialogue being performed by some poor amateur actor given no direction.

Novar is meant to come across as incredible and almost mystical, but it just doesn’t work at all. The Brotherhood getting their comeuppance is entertaining however.


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