Prog #58: I Want Every Judge Out on the Streets! (Full Earth Crimes)

Case File

The Earth is full in the Lunar sky – which means a full range of crimes for Judge-Marshal Dredd to deal with.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd does seem extra hardline and cranky this week, although we don’t often see so many arrests one after the other. His view is that you have to be as hard on small crimes as on large ones, as that stops the former becoming the latter. A very authoritarian point of view indeed.

Dredd is willing to directly lie to criminals to get them to hand themselves in.

Friends of Dredd

Walter as usual flies the flag for (tired and napping) Dredd here, worried that everyone doesn’t like Dredd but he has to be “grim and far too strict” to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Dredd is known among the Luna-1 citizens as the toughest Judge around.

The Law

Full Earth in the sky is like the full moon back home – tends to bring out the crazies, although according the Lunar Judges it’s twice as bad on the Moon. The Judges seem to respect and value Dredd’s hardline approach.

Minors are charged and sentenced in a separate Juve Court.


No shortage of petty criminals this week. The rundown:

  • A Leaper (throwing himself off a building, and illegally littering in the process)
  • Random lady gets cranky at Dredd for giving the Leaper a hard time, and obstructs justice in the process.
  • A driver doing 95 mph in a 100mph zone.
  • A group of brawlers
  • A graffiti artist
  • A gang of teenage looters, one of whom takes an old lady hostage.

Rap Sheet

The Leaper gets 90 days penal servitude; Random lady gets a 2000 credit fine for obstructing justice – then complains about that and gets 4000; The driver is banned from driving for 12 years; we also get arrests but no sentences for the rest of the creeps.


Did another planned issue fall through? Were they just under the pump? This one isn’t really a story, it’s Dredd solving some crimes and then having a nap.

Which makes it sound like I don’t like it – I kind of do. As a one-off, I like that it’s a “day in the life” for Judge Dredd, and we get a bit of an indication of how seriously he takes his blind obedience to the Law.

The main problem is actually I wish they’d committed to that idea more. It would have actually made a lot of sense to Dredd to become more hardline after 53,000 citizens died last issue – but that isn’t mentioned at all.

All in all, strange and very throwaway but a new use of the format which is always welcome.


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