Prog #56: The Smartest, Toughest Car on the Whole Darn Moon! (Elvis the Killer Car, part 4)

Case File

Elvis has captured Dredd and is making insane demands on Luna-1. Trapped inside the car, Dredd plans to beat Elvis once and for all.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd spends most of this issue on the back foot, smacked down by Elvis then locked inside the car and used to force Luna-1 to obey his over-the-top demands.

Dredd comes up with a plan to use autograph hunters to distract Elvis, while he activates the car’s automatic ejection system by starting a fire.

Dredd does accept that if the plan fails he expects the Judges to destroy Elvis with him inside.

Friends of Dredd

Still tied up, poor Walter can only yell ineffectually at Elvis.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Luna-1 can whip up a full-length parade in an hour. Impressive.

They also have a Council – who are made to lick Elvis’s tyres.

The Law

Deputy Tex gives in to Elvis’s demands to ensure Dredd’s safety. You have to wonder if Dredd would do the same if the situation were reversed.

Judges can use the “Secret Judges Code” to communicate, which consists of lines and dots.


Having captured the Judge-Marshal, Elvis proceeds to make a list of demands which include a parade, some songs about him and his own TV show.

Elvis’s ego gets the better of him and, distracted by Dredd’s plan, he is melted down.


The Corrodo Guns turn on Elvis, leaving him a pile of dust.


A reasonably satisfying finale to this story, if not exactly earth-shattering. Playing on Elvis’s personality makes sense and Dredd gets to use his intelligence rather than his Lawgiver.


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