Prog #54: Let’s Have a Prize for the Most Judges Killed! (Elvis the Killer Car, part 2)

Case File

Elvis has converted lots of cars to his cause, distracting the Judges so he can make his getaway.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd leads the Judge forces against the cars, but as with an old robot foe he used to know the battle isn’t truly won until he’s got the leader.

Friends of Dredd

Walter is getting Dredd’s name put on a rubber duck. I have no comment to make.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Luna-1 has large hyper-stores, just perfect for an automobile rampage.

The Law

Taking on sentient evil cars is no mean feat – the Judges manage to beat the first wave by manually switching them all off, but rely on corrosive acid dropped from hover-wagons to finish off the rest of them.


Dredd confirms here that Elvis has been shorting out the other cars’ responsibility circuits. It’s interesting that this seems to immediately lead to them wanting to kill Judges. Is this Elvis’ influence, or did they hate them before they turned “evil”? Adding to the confusion – two cars prefer to discuss golf rather than smash any fleshy ones. Extra layers of complexity? Or excuse for a dodgy golf “drive” joke? You be the judge.

Either way, Elvis is only using the other cars as a distraction so he can make his getaway. Not exactly a quiet getaway though – as he proceeds to terrorise a shopping mall and its patrons. Elvis seems to have gone full-on insane, “shopping” for toys and playing some bizarre version of a gunfight.


No specifics, but the battle with the cars appears to cost at least a few Judges their lives. Presumedly many Luna-1 citizens are killed by Elvis in the hyper-store.


Well the insanity lever was certainly pulled this issue! It’s entertaining, and the artwork spread on the first page is fantastic. There’s nothing really wrong here – except for the fact we’ve seen it all before. Elvis may be a tad more on that playful side of psychotic than Call-Me-Kenneth was, but the beats are all the same – even down to the final page where the car “army” (Carmy? I’ll see myself out) is destroyed but the leader escapes.


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