Vale Steve Dillon

Being based in Australia, I woke up this morning to the new of Steve Dillon’s passing.

Being pretty new to comics I won’t pretend I knew his work that well, but reading the many tributes on Twitter it’s clear he was a formidable presence and will be missed. I don’t think I’ve reached any of his work yet in my daily reading, but look forward to doing so.

What I do know Steve Dillon for was his work on Doctor Who, and particularly his work in creating Abslom Daak. As I talk about in the About page on this site, I didn’t grow up with comics at all – but I did grow up with Doctor Who Magazine as a huge Who fan. And every month in those pages was a short comic.

Abslom Daak was basically the most amazing thing that any teenage Who fan could ask for – an embittered, manic, rogue Dalek killing machine. I remember reading and re-reading some of those pages endlessly. He might not have drawn most of them (this is all my poor brain can remember), but he was instrumental in the creation of the character.

One of the things that’s become clear as I started this little project is how big the Judge Dredd and 2000AD family is – like I said, I can’t pretend to have known Steve’s work too much, but as well as sending best wishes to Steve’s family and friends I’d also like to send those wishes to his fans – of which he clearly had legions.

Vale, Steve Dillon.


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