Prog #50: That Guy’s a Walking Drug Store! (The First Lunar Olympics)

Case File

Dredd and the Judges are in charge of security for the Lunar Olympics, and they have their work cut out for them when someone is murders a Sov-City athlete.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is in charge of security at the Games. He is, unsurprisingly, not fond of “foreign Judges” in his jurisdiction. He regards the Sov Judges as “paid thugs”.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Luna-1 is hosting the Olympics – although it’s not 100% clear if this is a special Lunar-specific Olympics or the normal 4-yearly Olympics being held on the Moon. The logo’s the same!

Events are held in Crater Stadium in Luna-City. Attendees include the Sov-Cities, the British Territories and other nations we don’t get a specific name for. The Sovs (and possibly the others as well) have their own Judge forces. The 2 Sov-City Judges we meet here are Cosmovitch and Kolb.

Illegal performance-enhancing drugs are banned, but athletes can be up to 20% bionic and the low-gravity conditions lead to spectacles like a 40-metre pole vault.

The Law

Luna-1 doesn’t have the death penalty. The foreign Judges seem bound by Luna-1 law as a Dredd intervenes to stop Cosmovitch and Kolb from killing a suspected murderer on the spot.


We don’t really get a specific villain here for the first time ever. The Sov-Judges are not exactly friendly but appear to just be defending their team. We don’t get specific confirmation of who dissolved Zilch, just that Cosmovitch and Kolb think they have their man.


Nicolai Zilch, Sov competitor in the 100m sprint, is vaporised by a laser wielded by one of the crowd.

Luna-1 faces an international incident when a ricocheted bullet from Dredd takes out Sov-Judge Kolb.

Justin Bonnard, British entrant in the Dustboard Run, comes to a nasty end at 200mph when he misses the catch net.


The expansion of Dredd’s world is good, with the first indication of other cities and their Judge forces. However beyond the nice visuals of the Olympics on the Moon, there isn’t really anything here that does something unexpected or fun with that premise beyond the obvious. The stakes are raised at the end so let’s hope the next prog is an improvement.


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