Prog #45: Welcome to the 22nd Century, Meatballs! (22nd Century Futsie)

Case File

Luna-1 is celebrating the New Year – welcome to 2100! But the new century does not bode well for one of Mr Moonie’s hardworking employees, Arthur Goodworthy. The pressures of unreasonable work sends him over the edge as a Futsie, and Dredd gets a plea for help from Arthur Jnr.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is about as empathetic as we have ever seen here, letting Goodworthy’s son Arthur Jnr approach him at the New Year celebrations, and then actually leaving with the boy holding his hand to help his Dad! This help is delivered in typical blunt fashion – a strong right hook.

As we’ve seen before, Dredd displays a lot of patience and almost sympathy with Futsies. With Arthur in particular, he appears to lay the blame at Mr Moonie’s door.

If little Arthur is any indication, Dredd has a reputation among citizens as a fair Judge.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The New Year is rung in with lots of fanfare on the Moon, with drunken office fancy-dress parties (classy) and a laze-works display with the inspirational phrase “2100: Go Forward in Law” etched in the sky.

Luna City is the capital of Luna-1. We see Buzz Aldrin Street here, and can assume a bunch of other landmarks have this kind of themed naming.


Moonie Enterprises employee Arthur Goodworthy is the unwitting disturber of law and order here, becoming the first “Futsie” of the 22nd Century. Arthur is a month behind on paperwork due to his wife’s illness, but his employer Mr Moonie is unforgiving and gives him a single day to catch up. Arthur does, but a drunken coworker then destroys all his work – giving Arthur an express ticket to a mental breakdown.

But the real creep is again the mysterious Mr Moonie, who we get a quick glimpse of here in the “scan-cube” as a masked man with crazy eyes. He sends two “muscle men” to murder Arthur, but Dredd takes them out with some nifty use of his Lawmaster.

Rap Sheet

Futsies don’t get charged, so Arthur Goldsworthy is off to medial treatment. Moonie’s goons are presumedly arrested.


Happy New Year! I’m enjoying the individual-but-linked cases here, as we get the story of Arthur but continue to learn more about Mr Moonie. Dredd’s sense of justice comes across well, and the celebration of New Year after Christmas last issue lends a sense of reality to the ongoing story.


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