Prog #44: Your Neck Must Be Made of Steel! (Red Christmas)

Case File

It’s Christmas on the Moon. A criminal Dredd put away years ago kidnaps Walter to get revenge on Dredd. Christmas hi-jinks ensue!

1568331-2000ad1977Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is forced to own up to the fact he sorta kinda likes Walter here. This is after he says the robot is so humble he makes Dredd want to throw up. And after rescuing him immediately (I mean immediately) telling him he’s busy at work and won’t see him for 4 days. Still, it’s progress.

Dredd prepares to take on Geek Gordon by wrapping a steel strip around his neck. Forward-thinking and fashionable.

After rescuing Walter Dredd relents and shares a lovely Christmas with Walter filled with long underpants and an electric nose-wiper. Dredd even gets in the spirit and furnishes Walter with a new drink dispenser tap, after playfully pretending not to have got him anything. He even smiles! It’s a Lunar Christmas Miracle!

Friends of Dredd

Unsurprisingly, Walter is determined to go all out for Dredd this Christmas. He’s got a haul of presents and is proudly walking through streets singing Dredd-themed carols. He also labels all Dredd’s clothes so the other robots know Walter is Dredd’s special robot friend.

Things turn less fun when he’s kidnapped by Geek Gordon and has explosives strapped to him.

Deputy Judge Tex is still around despite his questionable approach to the law last issue.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Luna-1 Weather Control gets into the festive spirit by allowing it to (artificially) snow on the Moon.

The Law

Dredd has access to an Identi-Kit on his Compu-Scanner which can be used to identify down Crim-Inals.

The penalty for littering is six months penal servitude.


Geek Gordon was arrested by Dredd and sentenced to imprisomment on the Moon. His face was burned in a fire and he wields a nasty axe he calls his Chopper. He’s out for revenge against Dredd.

He takes Walter hostage, plans to lure Dredd to him and then chop off his head. Simple plans are often the best.

Gordon thinks he’s got the drop on Dredd, but the steel neck band wrecks his Chopper.


It hardly seems worth analysis, as it’s clearly just a festive comedy not to be taken seriously. Viewed in that light, its fine and it’s actually nice to see Dredd be begrudgingly decent to Walter. Merry Christmas, Dreddy!


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