Prog #43: Time to Eat Moondust, Lawman! (Showdown on Luna-1)

Case File

Dredd is installed as Judge-Marshal on Luna-1, and wastes no time in starting to clean up the colony. But someone is still planning on his tenure being a short one, and sends a Robo-slinger to take him out.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is officially given the role of Judge-Marshal, which comes with his own cape with a big star on it. He takes a blunt and no-nonsense approach to cleaning up Luna-1, shooting up a saloon and willing to kill criminals to ensure law and order is brought to the Moon.

Dredd here becomes the first human to beat a Robo-slinger in a gunfight. Worth adding to the resume.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Luna-1 is basically the Wild West in space. We got robot horses, saloons, robo-slingers and fast-draw gunfights in the street. Dredd’s tour of the colony reveals a lot of lawlessness – even the monument of the first Apollo landing has been defaced. A lot of blind eyes have been turned to a lot of illegal activities – and previous Marshals who have attempted to change that have ended up buried in Gravity-Boot Hill. Dredd’s defeat of the robo-slinger makes a strong case for the citizens of Luna-1 to not give Dredd any trouble.

Much of Luna-1 is owned by The Great Moon Explorer C.W. Moonie, a reclusive gentleman who lives at the edge of the Badlands Dome.

Firearms and alcohol are prohibited, a point Dredd reinforces by smashing up a saloon bar.

Gravity boots are worn to stay on the surface.

The Law

The code of the Law on Luna-1 is “One colony, under Law, with discipline and order for all”.

While the Judge-Marshal position rotates between the three “United Cities of North America”, Judge Tex from Texas-City is the permanent deputy. He does not come off well here, taking delight in letting Dredd know that his predecessors tended to die and then refusing to help Dredd out against the Robo-slinger. He maintains that he has nothing to do with the attempts to get rid of Dredd though.


The Robo-slinger is an illegal robotic gunman, with lightning fast movements. It’s been programmed by someone to take out Dredd by homing onto his badge, but Dredd manages to beat him to the draw. In the resultant wreckage we see that the bot was made by Moonie Fabrications…

Rap Sheet

It’s not clear whether Dredd actually arrests anyone here, despite the rampant lawbreaking.


The Robo-slinger is too slow to beat Dredd, and is left as wreckage.


The lunar colony/Wild West parallel kind of works, but we don’t really get much beyond the obvious cliches and stereotypes. The continuing story of who’s out to get Dredd is more interesting though, and I like that we’re not getting all the answers straight away.


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