Prog #42: Come Out Nice an’ Quiet or You Get Lead Surgery! (Luna-1)

Case File

Dredd… In… Space! Dredd has been assigned for a six-month tour as Judge-Marshal of Luna-1, the United States moon colony. He makes the trip by rocket, but it soon becomes clear that someone doesn’t want him to survive his time on the Moon.

Ol’ Stoney Face

We don’t really get a clear idea what Dredd feels about this assignment. Annoyed? Proud? It’s likely he just sees it as part of his duty.

What does seem clear is that he was looking forward to getting away from Walter for 6 months, and is really unhappy to see that the robot has smuggled himself along.

Dredd faces a missile attack before even landing on the moon, and comes up with a creative method of evading it,

Friends of Dredd

Walter is devastated by the thought of Dredd leaving, to the extent that he packs himself along with Dredd’s possessions. When Dredd discovers this, Walter offers to rip his circuits for disobeying his master.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Earth to Moon journey by shuttle takes half a day, and leaves from Kennedy Space-Port.

In 2061 the International Luna Treaty divided a million–square miles of the Moon between the “three great cities of North America”. This is Luna-1, and the Judge-Marshal of the lunar colony is assigned by one of the cities every 6 months.

The oxy-dome of the colony apparently only covers a very small part of Luna-1, but is enough for mines, chemical works and water collection plants. Weapons laws are apparently so loose that any random person can even get their hands on something with the alarming name of Killjoy Destructor Missile. Even kids, apparently. Little scamps.

Luna-1 has a bustling space-port.

The Law

Dredd is assigned to Moon duty by the “Office of the Triumverate, the Grand Council of Judges”. The posting is immediate, with Dredd expected to catch the next shuttle out of the City. The appointment is for six months.

Dredd already has a Deputy when he arrives, Judge Tex. It’s probably hard to tell from his subtle name, but he’s some sort of distillation of every cowboy stereotype. He literally has a cape with a big star on it.

A ceremony to install Dredd as Judge-Marshal is planned for 12 hours after he arrives.

“Luna Law” has at least 7 volumes.


Dredd’s shuttle is fired upon, and Fred 1 – a robot-servant from Rent-a-Robot – wastes no time in trying to murder Dredd with an axe. Even before this, Walter is not a fan of him.

Fred 1 self-destructs rather than reveal who sent him to kill the new Judge-Marshal.


Fred 1 is the only one to bite the dust here.


It’s a pretty dramatic change to send Dredd to the Moon, to put it mildly. Up until now we’ve been building up the world of the Big Meg in fits and starts, and Dredd’s relationship within in. This story completely plucks him out of that context and drops him about as far away as you can get.

This issue is all essentially prologue to what will come, but works effectively in that role. I’m slightly (ever so slightly) less annoyed by Walter, and moon-based sci-fi always hits my geek spot. A promising start.


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