Prog #41: I’m Putting You in Reverse! (The Mega-City 5000, part 2)

Case File

The race is down the final 4, and the Judges have to make sure none of them rich the finish line.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd seems certain that if they can prevent anyone winning the race, and proving that the Judges are effective, the Mega City 5000 won’t be held again.

Friends of Dredd

Judge Giant is back again! Dredd trusts him to handle the gang leaders if he can’t catch them first. Giant calls Dredd J.D. – it’s hard to see Dredd being OK with nicknames.

Giant once again displays his athletic prowess and excellent Judge training here, jumping away from a head-on bike collision with Spikes Rotten using a “speed roll”.

The Big Meg

Spikes and Zoot try to shake off the pursuing Judges by driving through Cosmo’s Emporium, some sort of shopping mall. This does not deter Dredd.

The Law

The battles with the Judges in the last issue apparently brought the number of racers down from 5000 to 4. That’s good law enforcement work.


The Spacers (with Zoot Smiley and his sidekick Flash) and the Muties (represented by Spikes Rotten and his pal Bones) are the only gangs left in the race. The two sidekicks are quickly dispatched, leaving Zoot v Spikes heading toward the finish line – the Westway Beacon.

Dredd gets the jump on Zoot, who ends up with a face full of truncheon. Giant beats Spikes in a game of motorbike chicken, and the leader of the Muties collapses just short of the Beacon.

Rap Sheet

Zoot and Spikes both end the race in custody.


Their comrades Bones and Flash are not so lucky, both killed during the race. Judge Hunt can also be assumed dead after a nasty crash.


The artwork here is a marked improvement, with the characters well-realised and differentiated. But apart from that this is a big disappointment. The characters are cliched, the dialogue appalling and there just isn’t the evidence here that this race is apparently so big it covers a vast swathe of the USA. A misfire.


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