Prog #40: Jus’ ‘Cos We Splatted A Coupla Thousand People! (The Mega-City 5000, part 1)

Case File

The deadly Mega City 5000 race between rival bike gangs has begun – and the Judges are out to put the brakes on them.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd could work on his inspriring speeches a bit, with his opening gambit to the other Judges here beginning with him pointing out that some of them will die.

The Big Meg

The Mega City 5000 covers the whole East Coast of the USA, and features 5000 riders vying to become “top man” among the bike gangs. The only rule about the race club is you don’t talk about race club. No, wait, sorry, the only rule is THERE ARE NO RULES!

This seems to be a regular event, enough to have a level of organisation behind it. “Muties” take part as well, although it’s not entirely clear whether that’s just the gang name or if they are actually mutants from outside the Big Meg.

The citizens are none too happy about this event, and call out for the Judges to protect them.

The Law

The Judges come off as strangely powerless against these bike gangs here. They are described as “heavily outnumbered” by the racers, but quickly manage to turn that advantage around utilising roadblocks and truncheons. Dredd and the Judges seen here are in riot gear, with shields and sticks.


We get information on two main gangs here, the “Spacers” led by Zoot Smiley and the “Muties” headed up by Spikes “Harvey” Rotten. They’re clearly old enemies, but swiftly work out a truce while they battle the Judges.


The 5000 race has apparently already seen thousands of citizens “splattered”. The battle with the Judges costs both sides, and we see one rookie Judge taken out while trying to be noble and check on a fallen racer. Another Judge is grabbed by Smiley and Spikes between their bikes and rammed into a pillar. Nasty.


The idea is OK, the story is pretty lightweight and the artwork is OK but I finished this one a bit confused. The two main racer characters – Zoot Smiley and Spikes “Harvey” Rotten – appear (to me) to interchange throughout the issue, and speak stupidly and offensively. Just not really sure what to make of this one.


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