Prog #39: Freeze, You Ape-Hoods! (The Ape Gang)

Case File

The Ape Gang and the East Side Mob are at war – but Dredd is on the case.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd has his own private office where he has to lots of paperwork like the rest of us. I bet Walter would do it if he asked.

Dredd determines that the best way to get information on Don Uggie is through his mother. For some bizarre reason, she apparently gives him this information with little persuasion (that we see).

The Big Meg

After the Great Holocaust (related to the Atomic Wars?), all animals except for those in zoos died out. Technology then advanced to the point where the zoo animals could have their intelligence increased and given the ability to speak. Why? Who knows.

They were then gradually given the freedom of the city, and apparently a nice suit and tie. Most apparently now live in a district of the City called The Jungle. Some then apparently observed the criminal activities of humans and mimicked them.

The Law

Give the power and reach of the Judges, it’s not entirely clear why it takes so long for them to crack down on the Gangs. Dredd appears to know they’re lawbreakers right from Page 1. Apparently people are afraid to rat on them, but given the Judges’ rule of law it seems strange they need to wait for more hard evidence.

The Animal Nuisance Act was passed in 1987 which states that animals threatening human life would be kept in a “secure place”.


Don Uggie Apelind is the head of the Ape Gang, and is flanked by his two main hench-apes Fast Eeek and Joe Bananas. They appear to have seen too many dodgy Mafia movies and talk, dress and act like cliched Italian mobsters.

They’re engaged in a turf war with the East Side Mob – who are human but that’s all we learn about them. Insanely, Don Uggie thinks he can go to Dredd for help with this! What did he think would happen? Why didn’t Dredd just arrest them on the spot?!

Failing to win Dredd’s help (shocker), the Ape Gang up the bloodshed in the City – killing members of the East Side Mob, and then facing retaliatory attacks. The Ape Gang are taken down when Dredd and the Judges take over an East Side Mob convoy of illegal tobacco, which Don Uggie and his cronies attack. They’re overwhelmed by the Judges, and end up back in the Zoo.

Rap Sheet

Some big ticket arrests here for the Judges as they grab the Ape Gang and the East Side Mob.


It’s not clear who dies in the Judges’ raids on the Gangs, but we get a lot of tit-for-tat killings between the two mobs.


Well that was… different. The central idea is actually pretty good, and ups the insanity level of the Big Meg effectively. The dialogue of the Ape Gang becomes trying very quickly, and the joke wears off fast. It’s also a bit too much of a stretch that an entire Gang war problem is effectively ended once Dredd turns his mind to it. A bit of a misfire, but not the worst of the bunch.


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