Prog #37: Slay Ya Later, Alligator! (The Troggies, part 2)

Case File

Dredd has an hour to stop the Troggies from demolishing Mega-City One.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd pulls the classic “prisoners fighting” play here, getting himself thrown near a useful laser drill so he can use it to escape.

Confession time: I fell for it. Seriously. “Drokk, you’re ugly” is how he starts the “fight” with his fellow prisoner. This is no ruder than he has been to almost everyone who’s not a Judge in the series so far. I thought he was just annoyed! Well played, Joe.

Dredd gets the subway system power put back on, uses a train to get to Grand Central and then blasts the Troggies with light to disable them.

The Big Meg

Grand Central Station still exists in some decrepit form, and the Troggies are using this as their launch party venue. Subway trains are also still around, and still working once the power is reactivated.

The Law

The police force are back at the end of this to take the Troggies away.


The Troggies feel strongly that a gronk of the electric whip will sprugg slow workers into action. Obviously. I don’t know if it’s my age, but they are nearly incomprehensible in this prog.

Slick Willy’s plans for mass destruction and suicide are foiled by Dredd at the last minute by (all together now) a quick gronk of the electric whip. The rest of the Troggies are blinded by the subway lights after generations of living underground has left them adapted to the dark.

Rap Sheet

The Troggies are all taken into custody – hope they’ve got enough cells! Here’s an interesting think though: aren’t the Troggies basically futsies? And we know from Cadet Giant’s training that futsies aren’t punished but given medical help. Will the Troggies be helped or locked up?


I can’t imagine being shot by a laser drill is good for your health. The Troggy guards left with Dredd and the other prisoners are on the hit list.


Hmm – this one’s tricky. It’s not terrible by any means, and works as a pretty standard action adventure. I think the main problem is that it covers concepts we’ve already explored (like the future shock and villain defeated by light) but don’t get a new take on them, or learn anything new.

A bit of a miss, but not an appalling one.


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