Prog #34: We Come to Bury Dredd, Not to Judge Him! (Mutie the Pig, part 1)

Case File

Dredd is dead – the victim of an unknown assassin. A fellow Judge has gone rogue, and committing crimes disguised as Mutie the Pig. Dredd discovered the secret, which meant he had to die – but have reports of Joe’s death been greatly exaggerated?

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is dead! Well, not really. He’s apparently shot by Judge Gibson after Dredd learns his secret, but it appears he’s back and defending the law at the end of this issue.

Dredd and Gibson were cadets together, and are still friends now. Dredd is understandably not happy to come across a corrupt Judge, particularly given his recent encounter with Rico.

Don’t want to get bogged down in continuity issues, but Dredd’s tombstone lists his birth year as 2066, which doesn’t quite square with what we learnt in The Academy of Law.

Friends of Dredd

Walter and Maria are both devastated by Dredd’s death – although Walter does his best to maintain a stiff metal upper lip.

The Big Meg

Mega-City 1 goes all out on commemorating Dredd’s death. Enormous funeral procession, packed streets, statue and eternal flame – the whole works. Hope they’re not too annoyed they went through all that for nothing.

Despite the incredibly recent havoc caused by a snowstorm, the City actually makes it snow using Weather Control to mark a Day of Mourning.

The Law

It’s been pretty consistent throughout the run so far that the death of a Judge is always a big deal. Don’t know if they all get a parade and black-painted hover vehicles though.

MAC is back! Oh, except he’s Mack now. Weird.


So close to being in the Friends of Dredd category, but ends up right here in the Creeps section. Gibson is carrying out armed robberies disguised as “Mutie the Pig”, wth a rubber mask and helmet stamped with MTP (just in case people aren’t sure who he is). Quite why he’s doing this is unclear, but we may found out next issue.

When Gibson sees that Dredd has figured it out (based on him putting a hand on top of his gun arm rather than below), he doesn’t hesitate too much in blasting Dredd down.

Gibson plans to get straight back to robberies – but must first face Dredd! He’s not dead!


Gibson thinks he’s taken out Dredd, but the shocking cliffhanger says no!


Whey you have a series of any kind focused on any kind of law-enforcement character, 3 stories are inevitable. One – the “He’s Dead” fake out. Two – the “I’m Turning in My Badge!” Play. We’re still waiting on the inevitable “Has Dredd Gone Corrupt?” Story, but we’re 2 out of 3 now. And so early in the run!

Despite being a bit of a cliche, it’s still fun and gets us some nice melodrama. The Big Meg is over-the-top, so their reaction to Dredd’s death is appropriately insane as well. This is only a 2-parter, and I think it would have been better to play Dredd’s “death” over a longer story, but let’s see how Part 2 wraps things up.


One thought on “Prog #34: We Come to Bury Dredd, Not to Judge Him! (Mutie the Pig, part 1)

  1. There is an rxplanation for the year of birth thing and it is in Origins. Basically they can accelerate the growth of clones so that they can start and graduate younger than regular judges.


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