Prog #33: It’s Way Past Your Bedtime! (Walter’s Secret Job)

Case File

Walter is moonlighting as a taxi driver to buy presents for Dredd – which of course makes Dredd insanely angry. He takes a quick break from berating the robot to bust some criminals who robbed another driver.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd’s been wondering where Walter has been getting the cash to buy him pyjamas and socks, so decides to stay up and late and follow the robot when he goes out. He seems bizarrely angry that Walter has a job as a taxi driver. Dredd ponders that if Walter is engaged in criminal activity, he’ll have to dismantle him or at least subject him to a “forced rusting”. Hard to believe robots tried to revolt, isn’t it?

It’s heavily implied that Dredd really needs his beauty sleep – he has several complaints about missing out on his forty winks. Does he ever do a night shift?

He’s reading Crime and Punishment as light before-bed fare.

Friends of Dredd

Seriously, someone needs to intervene with Walter and get him out of this damaging relationship with Dredd. He’s working nights to buy little gifts for Dredd, and appears to give up his job at the end because Dredd doesn’t like it. Move on, man.

He leaks oil when he’s stressed, and knows where to buy “Dredd Rules” pyjamas. Which are awesome.

The Law

Dredd’s Lawgiver can fire “stun shots”.


A non-descript Gang of 4, armed with “zit guns”, beat and rob a taxi driver. Dredd uses some nearby construction equipment to take them out.

Rap Sheet

All 4 of the gang are on their way to the cells.


Walter’s dream of employment (and real freedom) dies on the last page.


There’s a lightness of touch that works pretty well here, but otherwise it’s just the usual frustration with Dredd’s treatment of Walter. I know it’s meant to be funny (I guess), but it just doesn’t work for me.


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