Prog #31: We Ain’t an Island No More! (Devil’s Island)

Case File

Vicious criminal Whitey is back! OK, I guess? He’s making a break from Devil’s Island, but snowstorms aren’t going to stop Dredd from putting Whitey back where he belongs.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd pretty quickly realises the freak weather is part of a jailbreak. Once again, he’s good at improvisation – using chains on his bike’s wheels to ride through the snow.

Whitey does get the jump on Dredd at one point, shooting the pistol out of the Judge’s hand. Dredd turns the tables with a handful of ice to the face. Whatever works!

The Big Meg

We get another look at Devil’s Island, the prison that relies on swiftly-moving traffic to prevent escapes. A foolproof system, assuming there isn’t any traffic issues.

Once again, Weather Control causes lots of problems. Have to start wondering if guaranteed sunny days is worth all this hassle. The Big Meg has apparently not experienced snow for decades, and is completely unprepared for it.

The Law

Judges do shifts in the Devil’s Island Observation Post.


Whitey is not too happy about being trapped on Devil’s Island, and doesn’t have positive feelings for Dredd either. He gets his fellow prisoner (nicknamed “Einstein”) to knock up a gadget that will interfere with Mega-City 1’s weather control, causing a snowstorm that shuts down the highways surrounding the Island.

Realising Dredd is in his trail, he takes a hostage. The master criminal is foiled by a first a reflection, and then having some snow thrown in his face. Not exactly “returning nemesis” material.

Rap Sheet

Whitey’s on his way back to Devil’s Island.


Whitey kills Einstein for no good reason, and then shoots one of the citizens stuck in the snowstorm.


Were people clamouring for the return of Whitey in 1977? I somehow doubt it. I certainly wasn’t.

It’s nice to get another look at Devil’s Island, and the snowstorm leads to some interesting art, but this is another mediocre outing for a mediocre villain.


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