Congratulations 2000AD!

Well, I’m only 27 progs into this journey – but I can’t let the milestone pass without comment. 2000 issues of 2000AD!

2000AD have a good rundown on the issue itself here.

I don’t feel qualified to comment much further as I am such a newbie to the 2000AD universe, and I’ve mostly been immersed in the Dredd stories. But given I am getting so much enjoyment out of a collaborative efforts of writers, artists, letterers and editors from nearly 40 years ago, I just wanted to add my own congratulations to them all.

Living down in Australia, getting ahold of the comics themselves is a bit tricky, so to celebrate I’ll be downloading the issue to my iPad. I may even be one of their new digital subscribers before too long!

So well done to all the people behind this incredible achievement, and here’s to 2000 more (at least)!


2000AD – the 2000th Issue!


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