Prog #25: They Kill People On That Show! (You Bet Your Life)

Case File

“You Bet Your Life” is a popular pirate TV program that sees contestants risking their lives for rewards – but the odds seem to be stacked against anyone winning. Dredd tracks them to their studio and cancels the show.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd takes a dim view of pirate TV, even threatening to arrest the entire audience of the program. He’s good enough with a pistol to shoot a falling guillotine blade in such a way that it splits in two and shoots towards two criminals.

Friends of Dredd

Walter’s back (yay), and this time gets to return to full-on sidekick status – even riding behind Dredd on the Lawmaster. Walter can somehow “watch” TV that is projected on his screen-face, but claims not to have known that the pirate TV signal was illegal. Walter displays some more law chops, disarming one of the guards on Dredd’s instructions.

Dredd’s insult of choice this time? “Snivelling hunk of tin”. What a way to enjoy your FREEDOM. I wonder what he did with that nifty sash?

The Big Meg

There are apparently many pirate TV stations in Mega-City 1, with “You Bet Your Life” broadcast on Piratee Vee (catchy). The contestants are offered big prizes to take part in simple (but deadly) quiz-show shenanigans. The victims this time are Sheldon, Penelope and Granny Weedy. They are not the sharpest tools in the box.

America has had at least 53 presidents.

The Law

The Judges have apparently been trying to track down Piratee Vee’s studio for a long time. Strange, given that Walter – a vending machine robot – apparently has the hardware to do so. Did they not ask MAC?


The ultimate criminals here are probably many and varied, including the owner of the station, producers and Executive Senior Vice-Presidents etc. of Piratee Vee, but we mostly spend time with “You Bet Your Life” Host Baby Bob Nicely and his assistant Mortica. They don’t seem to have any qualms with the deaths of their contestants, and indeed Baby Bob seems to despise them. It’s not clear how many have been killed during the run of the show.

Rap Sheet

Dredd threatens to slap handcuffs on the entire studio audience. Hope he asked for backup, might take him a while.


Contestent #1! Granny Weedy is on her way to an all-expenses-paid Grand (but very short) Tour of a beautiful Plutonium Mine in Mutant-Land!

Contestant #2! Penelope Weedy has won an up-close-and-personal nature experience with a a large furry spider! Watch out for those fangs there, Penelope!

Advertisement: “You Bet Your Life” is looking for 2 new co-hosts for our show, after Baby Bob and Moritca’s contracts suddenly – and sharply – ended.


A change in pace from the last few issues, and a fairly entertaining satire on reality TV and game shows. The issue does a good, cynical job of making everyone look bad – the program-makers, the audience and even the contestants who are stupid or greedy enough to take part.


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