Prog #19: The Law Will Clean You Out! (Mugger’s Moon)

Case File

Dredd takes out a gang of muggers, and then busts a citizen who didn’t help their victim.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd refers to bright, full moons as a “Muggers’ Moon”, and anticipates that he’ll be busy. To me at least, Dredd seems far more pissed off at the citizen that didn’t help out the muggers’ victim rather than the muggers themselves. He actually refers to him as scum.

The Big Meg

Mega-City 1 is apparently “the most advanced city” on the planet, has a pollution-free atmosphere thanks to clean air laws and clean streets due to anti-litter campaigns. Muggers are still a problem though.

As we learned before, antique cars are still around but require “exhaust purifiers” to eliminate petrol pollution.

The Law

Dredd’s pistol has six bullet settings, with #6 being heat-seeker (commonly referred to as “hot-shots”).


The 3-man mugging gang (2 of which are called Lou and Gerry) decide to take on Dredd rather than surrender, which is not their most brilliant flash of inspiration.

The motorist that failed to help the hapless victim of the muggers is “F Nixon” according to Dredd’s computer readout. He has no wish to get involved in anything not concerning him, which as he points out to Dredd is no crime. But the victim manages to pull off Nixon’s exhaust purifier, allowing Dredd to get him on a technicality.

Rap Sheet

Nixon is done for polluting the atmosphere, but escapes any personal incarceration. His antique car is condemned to immediate destruction however. So Dredd blows it up. Just in the middle of the road.


The Muggers’ Moon brings Lou, Gerry and Pal no luck as they each fall victim to Dredd’s “hot shots”.


Meh. Nothing about this is terribly interesting or stands out. Dredd’s anger with Nixon is a little odd – you’d think with all the actual crimes he has to track down he’d have little time to also then be tracking down those he thinks aren’t doing their bit for the Big Meg? Guess he just has a big sense of civic responsibility or something.

The mugging isn’t even Fancy Future Mugging!


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