Prog #13: It Looks Just Like a Real Judge! (Robot Wars, Part 4)

Case File

With some help from Walter, the friendly vending machine robot, Dredd infiltrates Call-Me-Kenneth’s HQ. But he is quickly captured and told he will be turned into a living robot!

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd spares Walter the Robot’s life and utilises him as a guide while in the robot-occupied parts of the City. Although they are eventually captured, Walter demonstrates bravery and intelligence.

Oh, and he has a really annoying lisp. Apparently because of fear. And he’s extremely servile and affectionate to Dredd.

Dredd tries out his undercover skills again by pretending to be a realistic android replica of a Judge.

The Big Meg

The City made robo-dogs to kill rats. Seems like a good use of futuristic robotic technology.

The Law

Justice HQ now seems to be called The Grand Hall of Justice. The Judges are prepared to blow Walter away but Dredd realise his value.


Call-Me-Kenneth’s HQ is at the Cybo-Comp factory (for robots of distinction). It’s guarded or patrolled by two large octopus-like robots on caterpillar tricks.

CMK has a strong case of God complex, setting himself up on a throne overseeing an enormous factory line of new robots, sipping on the finest Texan oil (with a dash of multi-grade). Dredd even compares him to a Roman Emperor.

Dredd assumes that Kenneth is going to kill him, but the robot is still a bit miffed about the whole decapitation and sawing-himself-in-half escapade, so is determined that the Judge will suffer by becoming a living robot (whatever that is).


No deaths this week, unless you count one of the robot doggies.


The plot advances well, and there is some fantastic imagery in Call-Me-Kenneth’s factory HQ. Great cliffhanger as well.

But Walter. Why, why, why does he have that lisp? He’s actually clever and resourceful here, quickly coming up with the idea of infiltrating Dredd as an android prototype. But every R replaced with a W just makes me wince. I know Walter’s sticking around, and maybe I’ll get over it, but at the moment I am not confident.


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