Prog #12: Eliminate the Fleshy Trash! (Robot Wars, Part 3)

Case File

Dredd lead the Judges in the war against the robots. He scores a victory or two, but at significant cost. They pinpoint Call-Me-Kenneth’s location and Dredd decides to take him on, one-on-one.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd has been appointed the leader of the Judges’ campaign against the robots, and according the Judge Jack has not rested in 7 days. He demonstrates more ingenuity in taking out the Heavy Metal Kids, but knows that they can’t win the war unless something changes.

He actually collapses from exhaustion at one point. The thought of having to eat minestrone apparently snaps him out of it.

The Big Meg

The robots have been waging war for at least 7 days, and things are not going well. It appears that most, if not all, robots have turned against the citizens.

The Law

The Judges are the main force fighting the robots, and it is taking its toll on their numbers. As Dredd points out, the robots can easily replace their forces while the Judges can’t.


Call-Me-Kenneth appears to have taken on a more project-management based role, whipping up the robot masses. We witness the tail end of a battle between the Judges and robot road workers, and the Battle of the Heavy Metal Kids – industrial construction robots.

They have some catchy slogans worked out as well. “Mash, bash, grind, smash / Eliminate the fleshy trash!”


We’re getting past the point where it’s worth counting, but the news broadcast at the start states that thousands of citizens are dead, and over 100 Judges have also perished.


It’s a good move to have things going so badly so quickly – thousands dead between last issue and the start of this one.

There’s a good sense of desperation in these 5 pages. Dredd is winning individual battles at great cost but isn’t making progress in the actual war. An energetic continuation.

Could have done without the return of Maria, but at least it’s mercifully short.


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