Prog #8: CENSORED (Antique Car Heist)

Case File

“Antique” items from the 20th Century are popular with art collectors, so thieves are stealing old cars and then selling them on. Dredd tracks one gang to their lair and dispenses justice.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Well, let’s not bury the lede. Dredd’s face is apparently so terrible that it distracts three toughened criminals enough for him to take them down. One of them actually says “with a face like that Dredd shouldn’t be allowed to live!” Hilariously, we actually get a CENSORED sticker over his face!

We don’t get any specific information on what’s wrong with Dredd’s mug, but one of the goons says “what happened to Dredd’s face?”, implying it looks like it may have been disfigured in some kind of accident.

The Big Meg

Has an underbelly of black market antique items from the past. Has new “Walk-Eezee” moving walkways which are able to be put in reverse on Dredd’s order.

The Law

Judges’ weapons can fire high explosive bullets.


Krilz is the “Mr. Big” behind recent classic car thefts, operating out of his auto market “Krilz Kars”. He has the reasonably clever idea of covering up Dredd’s helmet visor with “plastic skin”.

Rap Sheet

Dredd nabs Krilz for an unspecified sentence…


…but his gang are not so lucky, all 3 shot by Dredd after being subjected to seeing his face.


Yet another “future twist on current (in 1977) things”, but this one is good fun. I quite like the ridiculous future inventions like the “Walk-Eezee”, which demonstrate a healthy lack of taking things too seriously.

This one obviously stands out for the insane moment where Dredd removes his helmet and he is apparently so hideous that it has to be censored! This is very, very bizarre but in the moment I actually like it. It elevates the story beyond another fairly simple plot, and adds some interesting layers and questions regarding Dredd. The meta moment seems very ahead of its time.

However, the “Dredd’s Take On The Law Final Line” in this one is truly, truly appalling and unforgivable. “I ordered the Walk-Eezee to be put in reverse! Something which must never happen to the law!” Dredd deserves 10 years for that.


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