Prog #7: Guess There’ll Always Be Punks Like You! (The Statue of Judgement)

Case File

Lawbreakers disrupt the unveiling of the Statue of Judgement – but Dredd doesn’t let them spoil the show.

Ol’ Stoney Face

The gargantuan Statue of Judgement bears more than a passing resemblance to Dredd. One of Ringo’s sidekicks seems to identify Dredd by a specific siren on his bike. Does every Judge get their own unique ringtone?

The Big Meg

To thank the fearless lawmen from Justice HQ, the people of Mega-City One constructed a very, very large statue of a Judge – the Statue of Judgement. That not being enough of a statement itself, they constructed it right next to the Statue of Liberty. No symbolism meant, I’m sure.


Ringo and his gang appear to be pretty low-level troublemakers, focusing their skills on basic burglary.

Rap Sheet

One of Ringo’s sidekicks is arrested by Dredd, despite some top-quality grovelling.


The other of Ringo’s sidekicks is shot by Dredd, before Ringo himself finds himself impaled on one of the Statue of Liberty’s crown spikes after his air taxi is shot out from underneath him.


When Mega-City One decides they want a statue, they do not mess around.

This issue reinforces the notion that the people of the Big Meg like the Judges, even as Dredd admits that crime has not disappeared in 2099. The plot is bare-bones, which leaves us with the impressive – but somewhat unsettling – image of the Statue of Judgement towering over the City, twice the height of Lady Liberty. Another mostly enjoyable romp.


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