Prog #6: With My Help You’ll Live For Ever (Frankenstein II)

Case File

Dredd’s on the case of Frankenstein 2, who’s stealing organs and using them as spare parts for rich clients.

Ol’ Stoney Face

According to one of the watching citizens, the reason Dredd never smiles? “It’s tough upholding the law in Mega City One!”

The Big Meg

This is glossed over insanely quickly, but apparently transplant surgery has been perfected to the extent that people could all but live forever. So it was banned. For… reasons?

The Law

Like any decent authoritarian regime, Control Centre in Justice HQ can monitor the City via cameras.


Frankenstein 2 sends his goons (the Friends of Frankenstein according to Dredd) out to grab organs of the recently (or nearly?) departed, and then swaps them for rich old people’s used-up ones.

Despite being referred to by one of his minions as making “the original Frankenstein look like a jelly baby”, Frankey the Second’s fearsome defence of his work consists of turning on a light and immediately surrendering.

Rap Sheet

Frankenstein 2 is arrested, as is a “rich cat” patient who received a transplant because he was technically receiving stolen goods. Get it? It’s in huge white writing on an enormous jagged black speech bubble in case you don’t.


The Friends of Frankenstein appear to meet their doom in a hail of Lawmaster cannon fire.


The first real disappointment for me. Yet another “here’s where crazy technology will be in 2099” tale, but with a bland plot, unimaginative art, a barely existent villain and a fairly groan-worthy punchline. I’ll take the original jelly baby over this.


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