Prog #5: All Your Dreams Were Crushed (Krong)

Case File

Senior executives at Sensor-Round – a company that projects dreams into your room – are being killed, apparently by monsters. The perp turns out to be the curator of an old museum that has robot monsters from movies who is then crushed by his own huge gorilla creation Krong.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Well we now officially have more info on Dredd’s domestic life than his day job. Didn’t see that coming. In quick order we learn Dredd has an apartment, uses his spare time to read law books and has an Italian cleaning lady named Maria. Really.

Maria thinks Dredd doesn’t have enough of a social life. He should, apparently, not “work all da time”.

The Big Meg

Robot cleaners are a thing, and apparently cost about half as much as getting a cultural stereotype to do it. Movies are possibly still also a thing.

The Law

Judge HQ manage to identify the curator (but no further information) from a voiceprint recorded at the scene of one of the murders.


Mr. Kevin O’Neill is cunningly disguised as a Sensor-Round salesman, but is actually a bitter movie fan worried that the kids will stop going to the pictures when dream world projection catches on. He uses the old robot movie monsters to deprive Sensor-Round of much of their leadership team.

O’Neill proceeds to activate Krong! The Greatest Film Monster Ever Made! to do some city-terrorising.

Holy Grud!

Judge Dredd to Maria: “Throw this ferret-faced parasite out before I drown you in your minestrone.”

I don’t even know where to begin with that line, but nothing in the previous 3 issues prepared me for it.


Vale Krong, killed by method of Dredd exploding his Lawmaster in the giant gorilla’s face. Krong also then crushes O’Neill, who has enough time to feel sanguine about it.


Wow. Well, I was hoping for an issue to stand out. This one sure did. Yes it was 1977, but everything in Dredd’s apartment is just bizarre and unsettling. The decision to look at Dredd’s domestic life is a good one. The idea of having a fairly ridiculous home life actually contrasts nicely with his super-serious role as Judge. The decision to give him a comedy Italian maid? Not so much. Let’s hope that goes somewhere. I may be in the minority in not liking this broad comedy, and I know there is more to come.

The Krong Case gives us some nice lurid monster deaths, and Dredd V. Non-Copyright Movie Monster is fun. The actual reveal of O’Neill as curator doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (why didn’t the voiceprint identify him properly?), but overall enough there to maintain interest.


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