Prog #4: That’s Civilisation For You (The Brotherhood of Darkness)

Case File

After a lootin’-and-pillagin’ raid from the Brotherhood of Darkness results in the theft of the Mayor’s son, Dredd goes undercover and out of Mega-City 1 to get him back.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd seems to enjoy the break from speeding tickets that the Brotherhood’s raid into Mega-City 1 gives him, even though he doesn’t rate them highly as foes. Dredd’s undercover skills are revealed to be pretty sharp with minimal effort. Dredd uses good, non-shooty/explodey tactics here against the Brotherhood with the Lawmaster lights and flares.

The Big Meg (and beyond)

Mega-City 1 is close to an irradiated wasteland as the result of an atomic war (or series of wars). This has led to mutations, including not just the Brotherhood of Darkness but a 40-FOOT PRAYING MANTIS. Seriously, why aren’t we getting that story?

The City has a Mayor (who has a son).

The Law

The Judges seem to be tasked with repelling the Brotherhood’s raids.


The Brotherhood of Darkness are based in the atomic wasteland, and have mutated eyes that only see well in darkness. They eat mantis BBQ – sauce unknown. Their raids into the City seem to be fairly regular occurances, and mainly for the purpose of attaining slaves for whatever they need slaves for.

Rap Sheet

Dredd frees the slaves and escapes but doesn’t make any arrests. Presumably given they now know the Brotherhood’s location they’ll be doing something about them.


Hard to make out specifics, but a number of the Brotherhood can be assumed to fall victim to the Judges during their raid. Dredd also takes out at least 3 guards at their base.


The full-size opening page is a nice action-packed element, and the world-building continues well with the radiation-laden atomic wasteland adjacent to the Big Meg. The Brotherhood are one-note as the villains of the piece, with no motivation to speak of. We get some more of Dredd’s skills though, able to pass as one of the Brotherhood and free the slaves not through firepower but using his noggin. An interesting change of style after the first 2 issues, but I’m still waiting for a standout.



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