Prog #3: I Got Rid Of My Ugly Mug (The New You)

Case File

‘Scarface’ Joe Levine is on the run. His face is well-known to the Judges, so he stops in for a spot of face-changing. Even this doesn’t stop him from becoming another arrest for Judge Dredd.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is well-trained in the classic action-movie skill of jumping from one moving object to another on a busy road. He expresses concern for the innocent citizens in other cars during the chase, and suggests that even The Law can show some “mercy”.

The Big Meg

New York is part of the “vast” Mega-City 1. By 2099 weather is controlled artificially, and “Instant Genetic Surgery” is available (with the correct authorisation papers) in minutes in street shops like The New You.

The Law

The Judges’ Bikes are called Lawmasters, and have on-board computers which can receive video pictures, voice prints and other identification of criminals. Some criminals are put in something called the “Time-Stretcher Jail”.


Levine is smart enough to attempt to avoid detection from the Judge, but then monumentally stupid enough to try and taunt the most feared Judge in MC-1 when he has absolutely no reason to.

Rap Sheet

Levine is caught and is headed to the Time-Stretcher Jail.


Six have been killed by Levine prior to this issue. We can only hope that, particularly given his stated concern to keep innocents safe, Dredd jumping on top of Levine’s car and shooting it doesn’t cause the deaths of any innocent bystanders.


At only 4 pages, even shorter than the first issue, this was never going to be much. The updating of gangster/cop tropes gets another interesting touch with the instant face-changes, but the set-up (in the first panel) of receiving voice identification makes the resolution rather obvious. Dredd gets a classic bit of physical action, but otherwise not too much here to write home about.


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